Edition 2

Adam Danquah had personal and professional reasons for working as a clinical psychologist in Ghana. Splitting his practice between the UK and Ghana has given him insights into the role of psychology in two very different societies.

Ian Florance talks to Funké Baffour about a varied career and her work to communicate psychology to a wide audience

Anna C. Phillips and Douglas Carroll on stress, health and death

Does psychological stress send us to an early grave? Although research shows links between stressful events and illness, there is conflicting evidence regarding the relationship between stress and...

Alexa Spence, Nick Pidgeon and David Uzzell consider psychology’s role in debating, combating and adapting to climate change

Climate change is a term on everybody’s lips at the moment. But what role can we, as psychologists – both individually and within our subdisciplinary groups – play in reducing, and adapting to the...

Rosemary Wright on the benefits of a conservation project as a form of therapy for people with learning disabilities

Castlebeck is an independent healthcare provider for people with learning disabilities who present severe challenges to services. I joined Castlebeck in July 2007, working alongside clinical...

Director of the Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Change, the National Research Council, Washington DC

Christopher Spencer and Kate Gee take a historical look at the development of the field; and Jon Sutton examines the wilderness of the mind

President's column; Lifetime Achievement Award; Psychology for All event; coaching awards; consultation responses and more

Psychologies of liberation; human intelligence; criminal psychology; drugs; and supervision in clinical practice

Patrick Devine-Wright talks to Jon Sutton about crossing disciplinary boundaries in order to tackle issues of sustainability