Edition 3

Craig Ward on his move from a psychology degree into the law

Carol Tavris American social psychologist and author

Including President's column, and Psychology Teaching award

Including web-only reviews

Sallie Baxendale looks at a psychological case study in literature

Jonathan D. Raskin on how the way we organise information could be the key to reducing the negative labelling of others

Can the golden section, an odd but repeatedly confirmed hypothesis about how humans organise information, help us understand the powerful impact of stigma? Recent research suggests it might.

Including the good childhood inquiry; autism traits; tackling reoffending; caffeine and hallucinations; the social brain project; dementia; young people and the media; and Harriet Gross on the misrepresentation of Simon Baron-Cohen's research in The Guardian

Including how to 'green' our practice and research; dyslexia; integrating psychology; more on the forensic/clinical divide; and much more.

Ian Florance talks to Charles Bethell-Fox, Deputy Managing Director of Personnel Decisions International (UK)

Andy Field, winner of the Society’s Book Award, on how he makes use of eels, quails and lap dancers in his teaching

Many psychology students find themselves riddled with fear, boredom and often both at the prospect of learning statistics. Statistics anxiety and a lack of motivation are often cited as major...