Edition 5

Patrick Casement with the third of our special opinion pieces on ‘improving access to psychological therapies’

My aim in this article is to consider some of the ways in which problem-focused therapies such as cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) may be attractive, but also some of the ways in which these...

Paul Gilbert with the second contribution to the opinion special

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) has recently emerged as a dominant paradigm in psychotherapy, and is influencing training and even our professional organisation (e.g. via graduate workers). It...

John Marzillier and John Hall introduce a collection of opinion pieces on ‘improving access to psychological therapies’

In 2006 the Mental Health Policy Group of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics published a report urging that psychological therapy should be made available to...

Christian Jarrett on a recent special issue from the US, and an invitation to come up with your own suggestions

Including recovered memories; protected titles; social science honours; schizophrenia guidelines revised; school shootings and much more.

Including happiness, lap dancing, totalitarianism, help-seeking, binge-drinking and much more

With Ray Bull, Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Leicester

Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr revisits the promises of British practical psychology.

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, the grand new bell – a mind-boggling 16 tons in weight – rang out across London from the Great Clock of Westminster for the first time on 31 May...

Ian Florance talks to Claudia Hammond about how she has put her background in academic psychology to good use in her broadcasting career

Including President's column, Book Award, staff redundancies, Parkinson's guidance, a century of the BJP, tackling drug addiction and more