Edition 6

Alison Pike, Tina Kretschmer and Judith F. Dunn on what the research says about achieving a harmonious household

The vast majority of us have at least one brother or sister, yet sibling relationships have received scant attention in the UK. While many parents claim to have a second child as a ‘companion’ for...

Reports from the Society's Annual Conference in Brighton, including lots of web extras in the html version

including the ‘treatment’ of homosexuality; new psychology award; self-screening; psychologists and torture; genetic links to autism; and much more

Including speaking up for IAPT; being adult about humour; climate change – answering the sceptics; statutory regulation – where next…? and more

Christian Jarrett on the benefits (and dangers) of using virtual worlds in your psychological research, therapy and teaching

This is not the only reality. Millions of people also exist online in virtual worlds, where they can fly, teleport, socialise and spend time inside a digital body of their own design....

Ian Florance talks to Gesthimani (Manya) Merodoulaki about her views on the role and practice of counselling psychology

Gustav Jahoda on the German philosopher and psychologist Johann Friedrich Herbart, and his view of the mind as a starry sky of Newtonian forces.

Christian Hoppe and Jelena Stojanovic look towards the neural mechanics behind talent

In the study of neural activity underlying task performance, neuroscientists have discovered that different neural states arise in low and high performers on the same cognitive tasks. What then...

Clinical psychologist and writer.

Including President’s column; Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity; Data protection notification; Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology 2008; and more