Edition 7

Including The appearance of terror; improving the science and practice of psychology; neuropsychologists – the European dimension; and much more.

Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan

John Waller on how distress and pious fear have led to bizarre outbreaks across the ages.

The year was 1374. In dozens of medieval towns scattered along the valley of the River Rhine hundreds of people were seized by an agonising compulsion to dance. Scarcely pausing to rest or eat,...

Including an interview with Dame Joan Harbison; featured job; Getting that assistant psychologist post; and mentoring schemes

Including President’s column; Honorary Fellowship; Stroke guide; Safeguarding vulnerable groups; Getting ready for statutory regulation and much more.

Including web-only reviews

Susanne Iqbal and Laura Pipon-Young with a step-by-step guide

The Delphi survey method is popular in many disciplines. Originally developed in the US as a means of forecasting future scenarios, this method has been used to determine the range of opinions on...

Lance Workman talks to Vicki Bruce about perception, £1 coins, dogs, and more in this interview from 2009.

Eric Robinson, winner in the postgraduate category of our student writer competition, weighs up the evidence

A huge number of people believe in some form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) and claim to have witnessed evidence of it first hand. But are they naive and misguided? And is it right to ignore...

In the winning undergraduate entry for our student writer competition, Gaby Pfeifer examines the relationship between sensory stimulation and savoir-vivre

Consumption of food is a universal and necessary act, and a variety of factors influence its selective choice. We are commonly tempted to think the reason we choose a particular food is that it is...