Edition 8

Including psychology and the media, campaigning questions, the clinical realities of IAPT, obituaries and more.

Jon Sutton talks to Jim Horne, Director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, about a varied and productive career

Julia Santomauro and Christopher C. French examine the experience of sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis can be a terrifying experience that is surprisingly common. It can involve the inability to move, auditory and visual hallucinations, a strong sense of presence, difficulty...

Mark Blagrove on a land still stubbornly slow to offer up its secrets

Dreams can be a matter of great personal and scientific interest, or derision. There is good reason not to be interested in dreams: most are easily forgotten and usually appear senseless. Despite...

Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge

Uta Frith on a couple of colourful characters – Neil O’Connor and Beate Hermelin; and Julie Perks on the Hipp Chronoscope

Everyone knows that London in the Sixties was a cool place to be, but few know that this was true not only for music, art and fashion, but also for psychology. At the Institute of Psychiatry you...

Including President’s column, Strategic Plan 2010–2015, Spearman Medal 2009, May Davidson Award and more

Including Ten Zen Questions,The Cognitive Behaviour Counselling Primer, Personality Disorder:
The Definitive Reader, Bodies, Vygotsky at Work and Play.

Allan Hobson, one of the pioneers in the field of what sleep and dreaming are ‘for’, talks to Jon Sutton

Alice M. Gregory and Nicola L. Barclay on whether stress early in life is linked to later sleep problems

Stress is common in early life, but is it associated with later sleep disturbance? This article reviews literature outlining longitudinal associations between stress early in life and subsequent...