Edition 9

Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Bath and Visiting Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education and University of Exeter

Is the ‘cognitive revolution’ a myth? Sandy Hobbs thinks the term is inaccurate and unhelpful; Jeremy Trevelyan Burman disagrees

Luke Jefferies looks at an approach to communication and social interaction that could be coming of age; and Cathy Harding and Ruth Berry look at the case-study evidence

Intensive interaction (II) is an exciting person-centred approach to social interaction traditionally used with people with profound learning disabilities or autism. It is relatively...

including President’s column; Research Board Lifetime Achievement Award; New curator of psychology; Online voting and more.

the invisible smile: living without facial expression; the therapeutic relationship in the cognitive behavioural psychotherapies; and more, including web-only reviews

Juliet Whitehead on life as a trainee educational psychologist

Benjamin Gardner looks at a method for recruiting to internet-based research studies; and Rory Allen and Ian Hannent on a new computerised tool

The submission deadline approaches, and students send out desperate e-mails requesting participants. ‘Please, please help me! 20 participants needed by Friday!’ Many of these requests seem to...

Mallory Wober reflects on two novels by Sebastian Faulks

mission to Mars; sexual orientation therapy; protecting the vulnerable; Ceri Parsons on provocative reporting in the media; and Christian Jarrett and Jon Sutton report from the European Congress of Psychology in Oslo

Including the voice of psychology; diagnosing Alzheimer’s; minding our clinical language; community noticeboard and more