Edition 12

Nathalie L. Chernoff on career opportunities in the history of psychology

Professor of Psychology at York University, Canada, and blogger on the history of psychology

Including William James; Gustav Fechner; occupational debate; gender and more

Alan Costall engages in some presentist futurology

President’s column; new Community Psychology Section, and a call to support the formation of a Disaster, Crisis and Trauma Section; improving work–life balance; preserving our history; and psychology at the Science Museum

diary drawings of mental illness; forensic psychology; ‘Aspergirls’ and more (including web only reviews)

Extracts from a recording of Frederic Charles Bartlett speaking made in 1959 by John C. Kenna, the Society’s first Honorary Archivist

Philip Barnard with some experimental highlights from the influential Applied Psychology Research Unit

Empirical research conducted in the laboratory, in the clinic or in the field naturally forms the foundations on which our practical applications of psychology are built. Yet as theoretical...

Ian Florance talks to Adrian Owen about the ‘brain drain’ and more

Graham Richards looks at nine methodological lessons of a highly successful failure

How better to introduce students to the problems of psychological research than to consider the 1898 Cambridge Anthropological Expedition to the Torres Straits between Australia and Papua New...