Edition 2

Anna Rosselli on her time shadowing a clinical psychologist, and Susanne Vosmer on why it is important to offer such opportunities

crowd psychology; mental health policy; ‘Rain Man’; water use event report; Royal Society at 350; reports from the Society's Research Digest; and more

flashmobs; Down’s syndrome; cannabis gateway effects; HPC registration; role of educational psychologists; and more

Ian Florance talks to Richard Bentall about how he proved his careers master very wrong indeed

Matthew Y.W. Kwan and Guy Faulkner on the decline in physical activity during the transition to young adulthood, and the methodological challenges

Physical activity peaks during childhood and adolescence, but drastic declines have taken place by early adulthood. This lapse into physical inactivity has become a critical public health issue. A...

…with Chartered Psychologist and writer Jennie Lindon

Roger Smith argues that the historical story is not dispensable – it is key to being a good scientist

Henry Ford supposedly snapped: ‘History is more or less bunk.’ Ford, I think, meant that if we pay history much attention, it holds us back. Many scientists agree: better to construct knowledge,...

President’s column; lifetime achievement award; and more

doctoring the mind; human potential; applied sport psychology; research methods in applied settings; memory rehabilitation

Thom Baguley cautions against the careless and routine application of standardisation in psychology

The noted statistician C.P. Winsor once established a Society for the Suppression of the Correlation Coefficient. According to John Tukey it had as its ‘guiding principle…that most correlation...