Edition 3

Nick Taylor on different roles and the benefits of voluntary experience. As told to Ian Florance

Harriet Gross on how medical, reproductive and communication technologies have changed women’s embodied experiences

Pregnancy is not only a personal event, it also entails physical changes visible to public view. Professional clinical monitoring and the use of technologies (e.g. scans) means that the private...

Mike White looks at fresh starts and second chances

Pauline Slade and Michelle Cree offer some practical recommendations

Paula Nicolson reviews issues of biology, risk, identity… and more

Pregnancy means your body is out of your control, you share the ‘space’ with another, you are subject to advice from experts, friends and passers-by about how you should eat, drink, play and work...

Christian Jarrett examines the evidence behind the widely held belief that pregnancy affects cognitive function

communicating with ‘locked in’ patients; roots of schizophrenia; report from the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference; nuggets from the Digest; and thorny issues of nature and nurture in the media

excellence; home education; the internet and thinking; reductionism; and more

Alison Gopnik talks to Jon Sutton about the exploratory, bright butterflies that are children.

Ian Florance talks to Sara Savage about her life and work