Edition 3

Nick Taylor on different roles and the benefits of voluntary experience. As told to Ian Florance

Ian Florance talks to Sara Savage about her life and work

Consultant Psychologist at eras ltd

Peter Garrard on the uses of retrospective language analysis

President’s column; and two important Society articles, on accreditation through partnership, and delivering standards for tests and testing

intelligence testing; technology; ageing and cognition; creative writing; low mood; and building motivational interviewing skills

Brian L. Swallow looks at an unpleasant side of gestation

For many women, the most difficult part of pregnancy is the feeling of nausea that frequently accompanies it. The prevailing view is that this is something that women ‘just have to put up with’....

Harriet Gross on how medical, reproductive and communication technologies have changed women’s embodied experiences

Pregnancy is not only a personal event, it also entails physical changes visible to public view. Professional clinical monitoring and the use of technologies (e.g. scans) means that the private...

Mike White looks at fresh starts and second chances

Pauline Slade and Michelle Cree offer some practical recommendations