Edition 4

Joy Icayan charts a personal journey from taking a degree in psychology, to market research, to human rights work in the Philippines

the sexualisation of young people; flexible working; homelessness; DSM-5; back pain; inquests on ‘radiation deaths’; morsels from the Research Digest; and more

in defence of the flashmob; Down’s; medicalising pregnancy; and more

Past President of the American Psychological Association and commissioner of the Presidential Task Force on Psychology’s Contribution to End Homelessness - with web-only Q+A

Larry Weiskrantz recalls the conditions surrounding a rare ‘discovery’ in psychology – response to visual stimuli without conscious perception

It is difficult to pinpoint just when the idea of blindsight first emerged, although, as is perhaps usual in such matters, there are a number of claimants. But we can date the year when the word ‘...

Ian Florance talks to Catriona Morrison about cognitive psychology, teaching and research… with a few mentions of the Beatles on the way

President’s column; alcohol in Scotland; men’s health; Welsh taster; and more

illusions with Richard Gregory; women leaders; phobias; and more

Teresa Pacheco Tabuenca is interviewed by Vaughan Bell

Although psychologists work with the emergency services across the world, Madrid is one of the few cities that have a team of emergency response psychologists that attend incidents alongside...

Sarah Davidson on the work of the British Red Cross

Events such as the Haiti earthquake or crises nearer home, such as floods and fires, may lead us to wonder about what we can do to help. As funds are raised and food, shelter and water are...