Edition 4

Have our minds evolved to see human beings as types of artefacts? Jesse Bering investigates some big questions.

To see an inherent purpose in life is to see an intentional, creative mind – usually God – that had a reason for designing it this way and not some other way. If we subscribe wholly and properly...

Christian Jarrett examines psychology’s response to a disturbing social problem

When you see a blanket-covered body shifting uncomfortably in a doorway, hole-ridden boots protruding at one end, matted hair at the other, what do you think? That we don’t have enough houses?...

the sexualisation of young people; flexible working; homelessness; DSM-5; back pain; inquests on ‘radiation deaths’; morsels from the Research Digest; and more

in defence of the flashmob; Down’s; medicalising pregnancy; and more