Edition 5

Ian Florance talks to Jan Stannard about the ‘light-bulb moment’ that led her into psychology, and her quest to be sure of her ground in her new field

Help the Hospices Chair in Hospice Studies, Lancaster University

Joan Bliss on her memories of working with the great Swiss psychologist

President’s column; Research Digest award; the work of the Society’s Policy Support Unit; new CRB check benefit for members; and more

street prostitution; active listening; autism; history of neuroscience; self-awareness; and quantitative psychological research

Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park on the lasting impact of minimally sufficient research

A special issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science, published by the American Psychological Society, invited opinions from a variety of psychologists, including us (Diener, 2009). Our advice...

Jo Silvester talks to Jon Sutton on the eve of the General Election

Ray Crozier on an elusive phenomenon with implications for our understanding of emotion, expression and social anxiety

What causes us to blush? What functions, if any, does reddening of the face serve? This article reviews some recent attempts to address these questions. One strand of research aims to elucidate...

Richard J. McNally has some timely advice for those revising the diagnostic manuals

Traumatology is a vibrant field, yet the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) remains controversial 30 years after its ratification in the third edition of the Diagnostic and...

fingerprints; Royal Society funding report; Milgram replication; politics and progress; behavioural economics; nuggets from the Research Digest; and Cary Cooper on his recent involvement in a media storm