Edition 6

Stefania Papadaki on her route to counselling psychology work in Heraklion

Martin M. Monti and Adrian M. Owen go looking for consciousness

What is the neural basis of human consciousness? This question may seem to be the domain of philosophy, yet it is at the centre of one of the most mysterious and least understood conditions of the...

Aberystwyth University, and new Chair of the Psychologist Policy Committee - includes web-only material

Hazel Stevenson on Sylvia Downs’ lifetime of achievement in occupational psychology

In November 2009 Sylvia Downs received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Division of Occupational Psychology, recognising her outstanding contribution to our profession. As this 83-year-old...

President’s column; Doctoral Award; and more

how science works; predicting and changing behaviour; research methods; the psychological contract; living with voices; communication disorders; and web-only extras

Tony Roth talks to David Clark about his pivotal role in developing and promoting the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme, and more

Anthony Montgomery and Ian Kehoe ask why schools get so little attention from organisational psychology

Anne Sheppard asks whether legal sanctions can really be the answer to problems of truancy

Adults may not think much about school attendance as they themselves went to school diligently and so do (or did) their children. However, a minority of children and young people persistently miss...

Peter Totterdell, Karen Niven and David Holman look at how social networks can regulate what we feel

Does how we feel depend on what other people in our social network are feeling? Recent research suggests that it might; this article examines the evidence and describes some of the mechanisms that...