Edition 8

Ian Florance talks to Anne McBride about animal behaviour counselling

underperformance, glib excess and psychopathy in the President’s column; new journals partnership and online news service; forensic news; and more

emotion regulation; great myths in psychology; oppositional defiant disorder; discovering research methods; and the mindfulness solution

Solicitor Richard Gregorian argues for an interdisciplinary approach from psychologists and lawyers to help those in the family justice system

Gareth Morris looks at place attachment and identity in a musical genre

Padraic Monaghan, James Keidel, Mike Burton and Gert Westermann investigate

Over the last half century or so, artificial intelligence models have failed to match the flexibility and adaptability of human performance. However, by incorporating statistical learning and...

Rusi Jaspal on the challenges faced by those viewing sexual identities through a religious lens

Being gay in a heteronormative world can be difficult and stressful, but for Muslims who identify as gay, life can be particularly problematic. This is due primarily to negative social...

Matt Field, winner of the Society’s Spearman Medal, on attentional bias in addiction and anxiety disorders

When we experience emotional or motivational states, we find that environmental stimuli that relate to these states are able to grab our attention. Among individuals with emotional or motivational...

financial crisis; birthday honours; educational neuroscience; Rhona Flin on Deepwater Horizon; nuggets from the Society’s Research Digest; and more