Edition 10

Jon Sutton interviews Howard Friedman (HF) and Leslie Martin (LM), authors of The Longevity Project, about lessons in living a long life

Mark Griffiths examines workaholism and what it has in common with other behavioural addictions

The terms ‘workaholic’ and ‘workaholism’ are commonly used in everyday language, yet there is relatively little empirical research on the topic. In this article, the concept of excessive work as a...

Dan Jones investigates whether ‘habits of mind’ can boost the well-being and resilience of the nation’s children.

Fiona Jones on media and Society responses to the riots

Nuggets from the Occupational and Research Digests

brain imaging; the ‘difference in differences’ error; dance company ‘scientist in residence’; ‘Any Qualified Provider’; and more (see PDF for full version)

What was behind England’s riots, and how can psychology contribute going forward? Download PDF for full version.

personality disorder; Milgram; NHS reform; benchmarking; and more

Honorary Lecturer, Universtiy of Sheffield; includes online-only extras

Download PDF for poster of ‘The Cube’, designed by Mike Page, on display during the Edinburgh Science Festival. To feature in ‘Big Picture’, e-mail [email protected].