Edition 10

Fiona Jones on media and Society responses to the riots

Nuggets from the Occupational and Research Digests

brain imaging; the ‘difference in differences’ error; dance company ‘scientist in residence’; ‘Any Qualified Provider’; and more (see PDF for full version)

What was behind England’s riots, and how can psychology contribute going forward? Download PDF for full version.

personality disorder; Milgram; NHS reform; benchmarking; and more

Download PDF for poster of ‘The Cube’, designed by Mike Page, on display during the Edinburgh Science Festival. To feature in ‘Big Picture’, e-mail [email protected].

Penny Lenihan, Christina Richards and Felicity Adams talk about their work.

Dan Jones investigates whether ‘habits of mind’ can boost the well-being and resilience of the nation’s children.

Alison Torn investigates the strange case of Margery Kempe

Honorary Lecturer, University of Sheffield; includes online-only extras