Edition 11

President’s column; EuroPsy; Spearman Medal; guidance on electronic health records; consultation responses; public engagement awards; and more

the empathic brain; the madness of women; rethinking school bullying; psychology in social contexts

Peter Dillon-Hooper (Manager of the Society’s History of Psychology Centre) talks to Geoff Bunn about writing and presenting a history of the brain on Radio 4

Simon Knight offers some handy tips and resources for austere times

Louise Dixon and Nicola Graham-Kevan look at the role psychology can take in preventing intimate partner homicide

Just under one quarter of all homicide victims in England and Wales were killed by an intimate partner in the year 2008/9, according to Home Office statistics. In the aftermath of such fatalities...

Roz Shafran, winner of the Society’s 2010 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology, looks at implementation science

One in four people will experience a mental health problem in any given year. Of those, the vast majority will not receive any psychological or pharmacological help. Even when psychological help...

Christian ‘Jeepers’ Jarrett with a Halloween special, on the intriguing insights into our psyche offered by scary stories

Lucy Maddox on what we can learn from psychology’s media prominence across the Channel

Nuggets from the Society’s Research Digest