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Jillian Sullivan, PhD student at the Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge

Rehabilitation Services Group, National Offender Management Service. Includes web-only answers.

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narratives in human science; challenging religion; creativity in the classroom; and web-only reviews

Critical health psychologist Kerry Chamberlain (Massey University, New Zealand) talks to Lance Workman about the academic evolution of his career

Amanda Holt asks whether there is a role for psychology

‘Parent abuse’ – where an older child causes physical, psychological or financial damage to a parent with the intention of controlling the relationship – appears to be a hidden yet increasingly...

Stephanie J. Morgan looks at how psychology can aid our understanding of work fragmentation

An increasing number of people are being transferred to other organisations with no choice on the matter. Often, their jobs become less secure, and they may face further switches of employer....

Deborah Wells has a menagerie of surprising and controversial research on animal antics

A wide range of potions, pills and other therapies are prescribed every day in a bid to remedy the vast array of physical and mental disorders afflicting the British public. Many of these...

Kirsten V. Smith on The Brain: A Secret History

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