Edition 4

Ian Florance talks to Paul Webley about his role as Director and Principal of the School of Oriental and African Studies

Nicholas Gibson talks to Fraser Watts: psychologist, theologian and priest

Adrian Coyle and Jenny Lochner offer some practical guidance

Increasing attention has been paid to how therapists might respond respectfully and usefully to clients’ religious and spiritual beliefs and commitments. Although recommendations overlap with...

John Hall, Leslie Francis and Brendan Callaghan SJ on the roots and resurgence of interest in psychology and religion

Psychology as we know it today emerged in the post-enlightenment period from roots in theology, as well as anthropology, physiology, education and philosophy. This has contributed to the ongoing...

Kate M. Loewenthal and Christopher Alan Lewis look at how mental well-being can be affected by religious practice and cultural context

Psychologists have shown scant interest in the effects of religion on mental health, and much of the earlier work on this topic was done in Western, predominantly Christian societies. This article...

Justin L. Barrett and Emily Reed Burdett on religious experience and belief

The cognitive science of religion (CSR) is a scientific approach to the study of religion that combines methods and theory from cognitive, developmental and evolutionary psychology with the sorts...

Joanna Collicutt opens the special issue

In January 2002 The Psychologist published a masterly review article by the late distinguished social psychologist Michael Argyle, entitled ‘State of the art: Religion’. Nine years later,...

The acceptable face of the limelight?
Kisane Prutton on public engagement opportunities

Nuggets from the Society’s Research Digest

Mark Sergeant on an unusual demonstration, and the media’s role in the fallout