Edition 6

David Lurie, Managing Director of Setsights Ltd, sought insight from speakers and delegates at the ‘Psychology For All’ conference

nuggets from the Society’s new Occupational Digest

building a happier society; a negative side of positive psychology; the Academy meets academia; and more

the Middle East; IAPT; chronic fatigue; religion; boys and psychology; and more

Photo by Tom Manly, from a study led by Sophie Scott. Download PDF for poster.

Centre for the Study of Animal Well Being, Washington State University; includes online-only extras

Ronald Melzack, an author of the hugely influential gate control theory of pain, on an important paradigm shift over the last half-century.

Ian Florance talks to Daniel Müllensiefen and Sarah Carter from advertising agency DDB

the final President’s column from Gerry Mulhern; new obesity report; Doctoral Award winners; proposed special group; IAPT register; Society website; and more

a novel contribution to the theory of mind; rethinking psychosis; protecting children from violence; and more