Edition 11

Orla T. Muldoon and Aisling T. O’Donnell on a novel idea for your classroom

Thomas C. Scott-Phillips on the research that won him the Society’s Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology

How do we signal signalhood? That is, how do we know when others are trying to communicate with us? And what effect, if any, do such problems have on the development of novel communication systems...

Catherine Sebastian, joint winner of the Society’s Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology, on rejection and the adolescent brain

Adolescents are anecdotally sensitive to peer rejection. Many people can vividly recall, even as adults, instances during their teenage years in which they were excluded by a particular clique or...

Stephen Joseph discusses the psychology of post-traumatic growth

The field of psychological trauma is changing as researchers recognise that adversity does not always lead to a damaged and dysfunctional life. Post-traumatic growth refers to how adversity can be...

sex and zombie cannibals, with Mark Sergeant; science journalism; and more

nuggets from the Society’s Research Digest

in pursuit of awe; abuse definition; liberal bias; Kahneman warning; fanaticism debate; Developmental Section conference; and more

tackling the environmental crisis; voluntary work; learning disability; and more

Download PDF for poster. The photomontage is by Steve Caplin (author of How to Cheat in Photoshop) and David Veale, who is a director of a national specialist service in BDD at the Maudsley and Royal Bethlem Hospitals. Does your work lend itself to a striking visual image? Get in touch on [email protected].

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