Edition 12

Jon Sutton reports from Ian Deary's talk on Professor Sir Godfrey Thomson and the Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1947.

Alberto Gallace seeks to understand tactile interactions

Despite being a relatively little investigated sensory modality, touch is involved in the large majority of our daily activities, from eating and walking to kissing and cuddling. The ‘hidden’...

Chris Plack on competing theories of pitch perception

Pitch perception has been a focus of auditory research for over a hundred years. Yet despite this, we still do not have a clear explanation for how pitch is represented by neurons in the auditory...

Charles Spence and Betina Piqueras-Fiszman investigate this and other questions behind a novel dining experience

The last decade or so has seen the steady rise of the ‘Dine-in-the-dark’ or ‘Dans le noir’ restaurant, where diners pay to eat and drink in complete darkness. Why are these restaurants popular?...

Lorenzo Stafford on our ancient and under-appreciated sense of smell in the first of our special issue, 'An explosion of the senses'

‘I see what you mean.’ ‘I hear what you are saying.’ ‘I smell what you... smell?’. The first two sentences involve the sense of vision and audition and contain as the subject something typical of...

The US election, problem-solving in the community, and more

Nuggets from the Society's free Research Digest service

creativity; self-control; event reports

Professor of Women's Health Psychology at the University of Western Sydney. With online only answers.

environmental psychology; the language of suicide; referendum; and more