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Jeremy N. Bailenson on the psychological consequences of seeing the ‘self’ acting independently

Humans have long been able to see their reflections in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Since the past century, film and video technology has provided a way to view the self ‘...

Francine Béar and Jennifer Wild on My Transsexual Summer, plus much more in our improved and expanded section

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questionable research practices; strike action; self-harm; educational psychology training; Daniel Kahneman speaks; nuggets from the Research Digest; and more

trikes; secondary data; roots of horror; Tom Troscianko; riots; and much more

A project by psychology student Mark Christmas, with sculptor James Napier. Photo by Michelle Bull. E-mail [email protected] to feature in ‘Big picture’.

Carole Sutton argues that a campaign is needed

There appears at last to be recognition at central government level that prevention is better than cure, and that to direct resources towards support for very young children and their parents is...

Sue N. Moore examines adult–child feeding interactions at home and at school. Are they intuitive or informed?

Children learn how to eat largely through social interactions with others. The literature on strategies used within these interactions can be traced back to the 1930s and grew rapidly from the...