Edition 3

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Jon Sutton talks to James Blair about his work in the US on the underlying basis of psychopathy and callous-unemotional traits

Gillian Colville highlights the psychological stresses and strains for child patients and their families, and discusses some research challenges in this area

Until relatively recently it was assumed that as long as they were appropriately sedated, children on intensive care units were unaware of what was happening to them. But new evidence is emerging...

Jeremy Gauntlett-Gilbert and Hannah Connell look at novel approaches to helping children live with pain and discomfort

Some conditions leave children and adolescents experiencing chronic discomfort, even though there is no ongoing pathology or degenerative change. Passive coping, in the form of avoidance and...

Deborah Christie and Hasina Khatun on challenges for children, young people and their parents

Many children are diagnosed with a chronic illness, requiring complex medical regimens, trips to hospital and possibly invasive treatment. For some, this will place significant constraints on...

Konrad Jacobs, Penny Titman and Melinda Edwards open a special feature on paediatric clinical psychology

Children who have a physical health problem are more likely to successfully manage the challenges presented by their medical condition if their health care addresses both their physical and...

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