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Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Leeds

…with Deborah Christie, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychological Services, UCL Hospitals NHS Trust
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Trevor Butt finds an interesting recurring theme in the later work of the famous personality theorist

DOWNLOAD PDF FOR POSTER: Marcus Richards and Felicia Huppert with evidence from a longitudinal birth cohort study. E-mail ‘Big picture’ ideas to [email protected].

Rachel Ingram with the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information)

Helen Stocks, Kate Ablett and Matthew Morrall on the contribution of neuropsychological assessment to paediatric oncology services

This article explores the cognitive and learning difficulties experienced by children diagnosed with brain tumours and the subsequent impact on various areas of their life. It also examines...

Ian Florance meets Angela Southall, Director of Services at Midlands Psychology; and Robel Iyassu writes on the challenges of working with complex clinical profiles

responding to the NHS listening exercise, in the President’s column; book award; practitioner of the year; measuring national well-being; online voting; latest from BPS journals; and more

the organisation of the mind; longitudinal data analysis; the psychology book; and more

Jon Sutton talks to James Blair about his work in the US on the underlying basis of psychopathy and callous-unemotional traits