Edition 4

Ian Florance talks to Kimberley Wilson at HMP Holloway.

Mary McMurran and Stephen Coupe describe a promising approach to a distressing disorder

Problem-solving therapy has a solid evidence base for alleviating distress and improving social functioning in people with a range of psychological and health problems. This approach has...

Fiona Jones on planned changes to the Society’s media and press function; when Ariely met Gladwell; curiosities; and more

nuggets from the Research Digest

rows over replication; psychoanalysis; security and neuroscience; apps; coercive self-citation; mapping well-being.

emotional response; impact; theoretical work psychology; Little Albert; and more

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Image taken from Carl Jung’s Liber Novus (‘The Red Book’), and explained by psychological historian Sonu Shamdasani. Download the PDF for the poster

…with Angela Simcox.

The first of a new series focusing on the person in psychological research and practice.