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The Psychologist is produced by a small team of staff in the Society’s Leicester offices, supported by honorary input from a panel of Society members.

The Psychologist is produced by a small team of staff in the Society’s Leicester offices, supported by honorary input from a panel of Society members. We are refreshing and expanding this panel, and thought that an update would be timely.

Your chance to join the team
We are seeking expressions of interest for the following voluntary roles:

Associate editor(s) for conference reports:

Do you have a gift for communicating psychology in an engaging and informative manner? Do you love attending conferences? We are looking for one or more Society members to help organise our conference reporting coverage, and chip in with their own reports. Expenses will be available.

Send samples of your writing to [email protected], by 1 June.

Associate editors for interviews:
Do you love talking to psychologists about their life and work? Are you knowledgeable, able to think on your feet and good at building a rapport? We are looking for Society members to conduct interviews for us. In return, you receive expenses and reach an audience of 50,000.
We are particularly interested in receiving applications from Society members who may be able to add a multimedia approach to interviews.
Send three suggestions for your ideal interviewee, plus any samples of your work, to [email protected], by 1 June.


Dr Catherine Loveday (University of Westminster) has joined the team to coordinate our new ‘Viewpoints’ format, showcasing the personal stories of those participating in psychological research and practice. See contents page and p.294 for more information.

Nathalie Chernoff (Lancaster University) has taken over from Julie Perks as Associate Editor for ‘Looking back’. Many thanks to Julie, who has done a fantastic job in steering the section through its first four years.

The committee
The Psychologist and Digest Policy Committee is responsible for all matters of policy development, maintenance and coordination, as well as overseeing the performance of the Managing Editor. Its current Chair is Professor David Lavallee (University of Stirling). He says: ‘As a long-standing member of the Society, I think The Psychologist plays a vital role in representing members and forging links across our diverse discipline. We’re at a key point in the evolution of The Psychologist and Digests, redesigning the Psychologist website and always looking to develop the publications. Honorary input is so important to us, and it’s rewarding as well – so keep an eye out for opportunities to support your publications!’

The staff
The day-to-day running and production of The Psychologist and Digests is down to a team of four FTEs: Dr Jon Sutton (Managing Editor), Peter Dillon-Hooper (Assistant Editor), Debbie James (Editorial Assistant), Mike Thompson (Production), Dr Christian Jarrett (Psychologist journalist and Research Digest editor), and Dr Alex Fradera (Occupational Digest editor).

Managing Editor Dr Jon Sutton says: ‘With a relatively small team and budget, we are heavily reliant on voluntary input from Society members at a variety of levels, whether it is contributing a letter or serving in an honorary capacity. We are very grateful for all the membership do for our publications, and we’re always here to help!’


The new Psychologist ‘International Panel’

We are proud to announce that the following psychologists have agreed to serve The Psychologist on a new ‘International Panel’, providing advice and advocacy on an international level:

Dr Vaughan Bell is a clinical and research psychologist. He’s affiliated with the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, and has just returned from a stint with Médecins Sans Frontières in Colombia.

Uta Frith is currently splitting her time between being an Emeritus Professor at University College London and a Research Foundation Professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Elizabeth Loftus is Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Irvine, USA.

Alex Haslam is Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Exeter, just about to moveto the University of Queensland in Australia.

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