Edition 4

The first of a new series focusing on the person in psychological research and practice.

Chris Goodey on how the archaic concepts of ‘honour’ and ‘grace’ may be the very foundations of psychological inquiry

counting on language in numerical thinking: Cassie Barton with the latest in our series for budding writers

President’s column; sexual and gender minority guidelines; Big Bang; work–life balance; DSM-5; expert witnesses; Gordon Allport prize; and more

mental models in the novel; modern CBT; dyslexia; House and psychology; and more, including web-only reviews

Alison Lee, from her perspective in neuropsychology, argues that psychologists need to get to know their participants

Daniel Regan looks at an evidence-based strategy for reducing harmful drinking

Social anxiety in higher education Phil Topham and Graham Russell

Although anxiety is accepted as part of the learning process, there is little thought given to the impact of social anxiety. Yet social anxiety in learning situations such as seminars and...