Edition 6

Visiting professor of clinical psychology, University of Greenwich, London. Includes online-only questions.

advertising unpaid positions; replication; social norms; well-being; and more

What was life like within Leicestershire’s first lunatic asylum? Diane Lockley turns to the historical records.

Eureka! Psychology in the bath Photo by Jon Kipps, of an art project by psychology teacher Debora D’Auria. DOWNLOAD PDF FOR POSTER.

David James Robertson on an intriguing modern detective story, in the latest in our series for new writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices)

Ian Florance meets Geoff Lindsay (University of Warwick), and Graham Paley writes on reflective practice groups.

President’s column; Going for Gold; Scottish Branch Undergraduate Conference; Psychology’s ‘Origins’; Spearman Medal; and more

early memory; the new statistics; the optimism bias; the social cure; and the psychologically literate citizen

Arij Baidas interviews Linda Sakr, a therapist working in Duba

Paul Furey explores how simpler interventions can boost chances of business client success