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Eureka! Psychology in the bath Photo by Jon Kipps, of an art project by psychology teacher Debora D’Auria. DOWNLOAD PDF FOR POSTER.
Fiona sits in a bath at the British Psychological Society’s student lectures in Watford. The ‘think tank’, a lecturing bath tub coated in figures from Psychology textbooks, is the brainchild of Debora D’Auria, artist and Head of Psychology at Southend High School for Girls.  
Mini psychology lectures play through the mixer shower head, so people can be truly immersed in psychology. D’Auria tells us: ‘We’re echoing the archetypal couch in order to challenge contemporary misconceptions about psychology. We’re playing on the idea of ideas; Archimedes is said to have exclaimed ’Eureka!’ in the bathtub. This is a bath full of ideas and theories. I want people to stop and pause for just a moment, to think about what they understand about psychology, their relationship with education and perhaps even their own psychology.’
- Eureka! is free to host. If you are interested, then contact [email protected]. See for more.

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