Big Picture - Athletes in 'the zone'

Stills from a video collaboration between David Bickerstaff and Victoria Tischler. DOWNLOAD THE PDF FOR POSTER.
‘If I let go of everything – my thoughts, my words, my feelings, my fears, everything – my body can do anything and my mind becomes completely and utterly still.’
The words of real athletes have been used in a new art installation video, ‘The Zone’, a collaboration between the artist and filmmaker David Bickerstaff and Dr Victoria Tischler, a chartered psychologist and lecturer at the University of Nottingham.
The video is based on research data involving the universities of Nottingham, Bath and Exeter examining how athletes achieve absolute focus. ‘We’re exploring the poetics of athletic experience,’ Tischler says.
The film premiered at the Society’s Annual Conference, following sponsorship from the Qualitative Methods in Psychology Section. Watch it at

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