Edition 8

Image by Lynsey Irvine and Peter Storey, for a series written by Aleks Krotoski. E-mail ideas for ‘Big picture’ to [email protected]. DOWNLOAD PDF FOR POSTER.

Head of Forensic Psychology at Roseberry Park Hospital, Middlesbrough. Includes online-only answers.

Catherine Loveday and Jon Sutton talk to John Wearden.

C. James Goodwin recounts the 1920 visit of an American psychologist to Great Britain

Why does a watched pot never boil, or time fly when you’re having fun? Dan Zakay has some answers

Time shapes human life and behaviour. Physical events proceed according to objective time and biological cycles are controlled by internal pacemakers, but psychological time – how humans...

Romana Farooq with the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information)

Jon Sutton investigates where Lego and psychology intersect.

Ian Florance talks to Jean Gross CBE & to Tom Stafford (University of Sheffield) – academic, author, blogger and more

Includes President's Column, guidance on the use of social media, new Honorary Fellows and Life Member, and more

Includes web-only reviews