Edition 8

Ian Florance talks to Jean Gross CBE & to Tom Stafford (University of Sheffield) – academic, author, blogger and more

Image by Lynsey Irvine and Peter Storey, for a series written by Aleks Krotoski. E-mail ideas for ‘Big picture’ to [email protected]. DOWNLOAD PDF FOR POSTER.

Includes President's Column, guidance on the use of social media, new Honorary Fellows and Life Member, and more

Includes web-only reviews

David J. Cooke and Lorraine Johnstone on preventing violence in institutions

Violence prevention is a key role for psychologists working in forensic settings. The last decade has witnessed dramatic improvements in approaches to risk management. Psychologists, by training...

Jon Sutton investigates where Lego and psychology intersect

Penelope A. Lewis and Warren H. Meck argue that the importance of timing leads the brain to protect against damage to the system – while we sleep

Our ability to measure time persists in the face of a wide variety of neural insults. In combination with the large array of neural structures that have been shown to activate during timing tasks...

Ruth Ogden and Catharine Montgomery on the effect of drugs on the perception of time

Time rarely feels like it is passing at a constant rate; instead it expands and contracts from one activity to the next. Never is this more true than when under the influence of drugs or alcohol....

Sylvie Droit-Volet on what we can learn about the biological and cognitive basis of time from the way children judge duration

During the decades following Piaget’s work, it was believed that correct judgements of durations require sophisticated reasoning abilities that emerge at about eight years of age. However, recent...

Catherine Loveday and Jon Sutton talk to John Wearden.