Edition 2

Ian Florance talks to Bryan McCrae about his work in the psychology of sales

Nick Wattie and Joseph Baker on relative age and its influence on human development

While relating one’s birthdate with health and development may sound like astrology, researchers in a range of fields (e.g. education, medicine, sport) have consistently demonstrated that this...

Narinder Kapur, Jonathan Cole and Tom Manly outline some surprising enhancements of function following brain disorder

Disorders of the brain and its sensory organs have traditionally been associated with deficits in movement, perception, cognition, emotion and behaviour. It is, however, increasingly recognised...

Robert J. Sternberg on the stages of his quest to understand what bonds us together (download PDF for tables etc).

Love perhaps best can be seen as a sort of a prism – looking at it in different ways reveals different faces of the same phenomenon. For example, one face of the prism might specify components of...

...nuggets from the Digest

the final report on Stapel; DSM-5; national honours; the public perception of psychology; London Lectures; dementia and more

the Levelt, Noort and Drenth Committees make their sole and final rejoinder to criticisms of their report on the Stapel fraud; male:female imbalance; and more

A Novel approach; Download PDF for poster

Usha Goswami, winner of the Society’s Presidents’ Award, examines difficulties in ‘temporal sampling’

Rhythmic timing is important in speech. Great poems with metrical rhythms illustrate this well – think of Auden’s ‘This is the night mail, crossing the border, Bringing the cheque and the postal...

…with Anita Rose