Edition 3

Ian Florance meets Mick Billig, Professor of Social Science at Loughborough University.

Associate Dean and Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire

Anne Stiles discovers a fascinating commentary on mind and body in illness in the work of Frances Hodgson Burnett

Suzanne Dash with the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information)

terrorist’s creed; My Mad Fat Diary; Les Misérables; How to Build a Bionic Man; and apps, radio, and more in our broader section

Ian Florance talks to Elizabeth Stokoe, Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University.

President’s column; Fellowship; North West/North East of England Branch Conference; and more

Jon Sutton talks to Nicola Yuill (University of Sussex)

Gary Lewis and Timothy Bates discuss genetic influence on politics, prejudice and religiosity

One does not have to look very hard to observe that people differ greatly in their social and political attitudes. Views on religion, gun control, free markets, and political parties can divide...

Rosemary J. Bradley, Chris J.A. Moulin and Lia Kvavilashvili with some surprising findings and implications

Involuntary autobiographical memories (IAMs) seem to pop up into consciousness more easily and more frequently than voluntary memories. Occurring without any deliberate attempt at retrieval and...