Big Picture: I can resist anything but…

Photo by Rebecca Jory and words by Menna Price, for Swansea University’s ‘Research as Art’ competition. Download PDF for poster.

‘Sweet Temptation’ was hand-formed by my three young children who already display individual differences in the ability to resist temptation – many sweets were harmed during the making of this image! The ability to exhibit self-control in an environment abundant with temptation may be a key factor in preventing overeating and obesity, and my PhD has focused on developing behavioural interventions for reducing impulsivity and consequent overeating behaviour. Discovering how to measure the exact form of impulsivity that underlies overeating can inform us of
the best strategies to help currently overweight people enhance self-control, and focus preventative measures so that they can target vulnerable individuals at a young age. My research not only excites me intellectually but is vital to me as a parent responsible for the long-term health of my children.

The ‘Research as Art’ competition, devised and run by Dr Richard Johnston, is a way for researchers to communicate with the public and other researchers. He says: ‘It is a way to tell their story – why they do research? What does it feel like to be a researcher? Researchers are encouraged to be creative, and can tell whatever story they want to through an image and short, accessible text. In addition to increasing the visibility of research and fostering dialogue, the Research as Art project develops the engagement skills of researchers from undergraduate level to professor. It has increased the confidence of the entrants and encouraged them to take part in further engagement activities within their individual research groups.’

See also our interview in this issue with 'the master of self-control', Walter Mischel.

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