Society: Working for culture change in the NHS

The Division of Occupational Psychology has released a report outlining ways in which cultural change can be achieved within the NHS. The Implementing NHS Culture Change: Contributions from Occupational Psychology report focuses on outlining solutions to implement the recommendations of the Francis Report and Berwick Review for NHS culture change, using evidence from occupational psychology.

Following the release of the Francis Report last year, after the public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, the large task of implementing the recommended culture change in the NHS has been the focus of healthcare policy. This DOP report is being released to outline the usefulness of using evidence from occupational psychology in implementing this culture shift.

The DOP’s Occupational Psychology in Public Policy group has compiled the report, bringing together eight occupational psychologists to write a series of essays on different aspects of NHS culture change from a staff, leadership and organisational point of view. For example, Professor Chris Clegg explores issues such as how jobs and workplaces can be designed to facilitate high-quality, safer health care and Barbara Wren, Lead Psychologist at the Point of Care Foundation, examines the importance of reflective spaces for staff to ensure psychologically safe work environments. Dr Joanna Wilde also points out how it can be possible to build a culture of transparency and openness, specifically focusing on the psychological factors that need to be managed to enable such a culture to exist in the NHS.

The report was launched at a special event at the Burrell Street Auditorium in London in November. The event included talks from several of the contributors, including Barbara Wren and Chris Clegg. Professor Michael West, Senior Fellow in the Leadership Development directorate at The King’s Fund, and Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University Management School, also spoke at the event to give a response to the report.

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