Edition 2

Anna Roberts makes the case for improving mental health services in prisons, with the latest in our series for budding writers

Daniel Freeman and Jason Freeman consider men, women and mental health. Plus listen to an interview with Daniel.

‘Women become insane’, opined the Victorian psychiatrist G. Fielding Blandford, ‘during pregnancy, after parturition, during lactation; at the age when the catamenia [periods] first appear and...

Keith E. Stanovich and Richard F. West on why we need rationality quotient (RQ) tests as well as IQ tests

It is a profound historical irony of the behavioural sciences that the Nobel Prize was awarded for studies of cognitive characteristics (rational thinking skills) that are entirely missing from...

the difference between a happy and a meaningful life; childhood amnesia; the image problem of activists

Ian Florance interviews Miles Thomas about his varied career and what brought him to educational psychology