Edition 4

David Fryer and Rose Stambe examine critical psychological issues

Neoliberal fiscal austerity policies decrease public expenditure through cuts to central and local government budgets, welfare services and benefits and privatisation of public resources resulting...

Gary Thomas explains how the gradient of difference can impact upon identity in the classroom

Inequality is bad – for individuals and for societies. And the worse off you are, the worse are the effects of inequality. These are now established facts of social science. Yet recent events and...

Ian Parker on increasing pressure and emotional labour at work for academics in times of crisis

The current economic crisis comes at a time of deregulation of public services and privatisation of the education sector. The dominant ‘neoliberal’ response to the crisis that seeks to place...

The Midlands Psychology Group introduce a special issue dedicated to the theme of 'austerity'

Neoliberal ‘austerity’ programmes – favoured by many governments across the globe since the ‘Great Recession’ of 2007 – add up to a toxic regime for the mind and body of the ordinary citizen. So...

a new gameplan for psychological science; young female power; cognitive therapy; confidence intervals; vampire symposium; and more

the ‘youth bias’, the eccentricity/art relationship, and our farewell to Christian, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see www.researchdigest.org.uk/blog)

the ‘stressed sex’ debate continues; call for formation of a Royal College of Psychologists; Putin – the naked truth; dementia; and more

crudely erased adults: A.R. Hopwood’s false memory archive (centre-page pull-out)

The H.L. Carr Chaired Professor of Developmental Psychology, Cornell University

… and the usual mix of books and other media reviews, including The Silence of Animals, trauma and creativity online guide, Psychology, Mental Health and Distress, and building a virtual brain.