Edition 6

Jennie Williams, David Stephenson and Frank Keating on how gender inequality is interwoven with other dimensions in society

This article highlights the centrality of gender for men’s mental health and illustrates how it interacts with other systems of inequality. A key argument is that societal expectations of men...

Martin Seager and David Wilkins address the need for this special feature on male psychology

Despite the fact that providers of public health and care services are under a statutory duty to tackle gender inequalities, it is still often overlooked that gender inequalities affect men as...

We sought views on September’s Scottish independence referendum. Here we publish three replies and encourage you to continue the debate.

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psychologists get busy at The Hub; combating ‘isms’ in fashion; Brain Prize; a ‘play revolution; teachers and neuroscience; and more

training places – competition and support; the dyslexia myth; Wikimedia; the Royal College of Psychologists debate; the NHS; dementia research challenges; clinical psychology in Sri Lanka; and more

Photo and words by artists Denis Connolly and Anne Cleary. ‘Big picture’ ideas? [email protected].

Peter Storr reminds us that we are in charge of our careers