January 2014

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This picture was taken at a community garden where researchers at Cardiff Metropolitan University have been investigating the benefits of gardening activity for physical and psychological health...

Emily Balcetis outlines research on how desires and motivations change perceptions in the eyes of the beholder

People assume that when they look at the world around them, they see it as it is. They think that the sleeping beauty they see laying on the bed next to them in the morning is in fact their...

treating drug and alcohol dependency; finding a job; parallel texts and literacy; ‘Forum’ columns on stress in sport and the dangers of consumer crowds; and more

Health psychologist and Senior Lecturer at the School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, Loughborough University

Mical Raz examines the reasons why the procedure was once so popular, with patients and physicians alike

the usual mix of books and other media reviews, including the psychodynamics of film discussed in a review of Visible Mind: Movies, Modernity and the Unconscious

Alana James reports from a ‘Getting Published and Planning Your Career’ workshop

The British Psychological Society Journals – Our Legacy, Our Future

The British Psychological Society Journals – Our Legacy, Our Future

Martin Milton on André Carl van der Merwe’s novel Moffie