August 2015

Should the Society's key honorary term be longer?
Michael J. Scott feels the case is not proven.
Dr Michael Lowis looks forward to seeing more on religion in The Psychologist.
Should the Society join the BMA in making a stand on fossil fuel investments?
Letters from our August issue.
Jackie Sykes and Chris Welford talk to Ian Florance about partnership working.
'Put down your data and go out for a walk'
Image and words by Carolyn J. Choudhary (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh). Download PDF for poster.
Stephen Gibson uses qualitative analysis to understand Milgram’s studies – are they really ‘obedience’ experiments?

When he conducted his experiments on ‘obedience’ to authority in the 1960s, Stanley Milgram recorded the majority of his experimental sessions on audiotape. Despite the comment, extensions and...

Sarah Riley, Adrienne Evans, Christine Griffin, Yvette Morey and Helen Murphy look at the issues for researchers in online and digital research. Watch their discussion too!

This article reports on a discussion with a group of qualitative researchers working with digital and online research. The conversation took as its starting point the social and technological...