Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity

Professor Paul A. Singh Ghuman recognised.

Professor Paul A. Singh Ghuman, from the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at Aberystwyth University, is the recipient of the British Psychological Society’s 2015 Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity. The award, conferred by the BPS Ethics Committee, recognises work which challenges social inequalities in the UK.

Professor Ghuman has made significant contributions to the promotion of equal opportunities for South Asian communities in the UK, primarily through his research and publications, his teaching and his political lobbying activities.

Society President Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes said: ‘The British Psychological Society considers this Equality of Opportunity Award to be one of our most important awards combining, as it does, recognition of academic excellence in combination with its practical application. These are exactly the grounds on which this award has been made to Professor Paul Ghuman for his work on Asian minorities and the caste system, together with its significant potential impact on public policy and legislation, in line with the British Psychological Society’s primary goals of achieving significant impact on policy and practice.’

On receiving the award Professor Ghuman said: ‘I am delighted to learn that the BPS has recognised my contribution to promote equality of opportunity in the fields of “gender” and “caste” within Asian communities, and “race” more widely. For my professional development, the BPS has played a major part in providing me a forum for discussion, debate, and publication. My professional career has revolved around my research (its dissemination and impact) and teaching. I wish to express my sincere thanks to my former students, colleagues and Aberystwyth University, who have sustained my interest over 45 years.’

For more on Professor Ghuman’s work, see his article in the July 2015 issue at

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