November 2015

Books from our November issue.
Words by Natalia Kucirkova (Open University), image by Open University. Download PDF for poster.
Kate Johnstone reviews a Martin McDonagh play from the Royal Court Theatre.
Ben Shephard considers our discipline’s involvement, on all sides.
Ian Florance interviews Siobhan O’Neill, around her policy work on suicide and self-harm.
Karen M. Zabrucky (Professor of Psychology at Georgia State University) describes how a tragic incident influenced her career as a cognitive psychologist.
Jamie Hacker Hughes writes.
Steven MacDonald with the latest in our series for budding writers (see for more information).
Cary Cooper tells Gail Kinman about his efforts to change occupational culture through wide dissemination of psychological theory and research.
Laura M. Kurtycz looks at how to counter ‘learned helplessness.

Today, by reading this sentence, you made a choice about what to do with your time. In fact, every day you make dozens of choices that you may not even realise you are making – what to do...