November 2015

Andrew Clements provides an organisational psychology perspective on the blockbuster film Jurassic World.
Should the media be restricted in their reporting of mass shootings? Ella Rhodes investigates.
Jon Sutton reports from the Science Museum's 'Cosmonauts' exhibition.
'One on One' with Professor Peter Fonagy, winner of the prestigious British Academy Wiley Prize in Psychology.
Ella Rhodes reports from a British Academy / British Psychological Society lecture from Dr Michael Anderson (University of Cambridge).
Ella Rhodes and Jon Sutton look to psychology for causes and solutions around the tragic crush in Saudi Arabia.
Jon Sutton reports on a lost 20-year research project from the other side of the world, rescued following a chance meeting with a UK psychologist.
Eloise Smart reports from the inaugural Behavioural Exchange Insights Conference.
Lynsey Gozna and Julian Boon review Banksy's Dismaland, Weston-Super-Mare.
Jon Sutton reviews the BBC Horizon programme.