October 2015

A special feature on aliens and space travel, including an interview with Douglas Vakoch, clinical psychologist and Director of Interstellar Message Composition at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Books from our October issue, including Oliver Sacks' memoir.
Psychology graduate Melanthe Grand interviews her mother, Chartered Psychologist and novelist Voula Grand.
Ian Florance interviews Doyin Atewologun.
One on one… with Jo Silvester
Image and words from research by Johannes Zanker (Royal Holloway University of London). Download PDF for poster.
… from Jamie Hacker Hughes.
Clementine Edwards considers emotional deficits in schizophrenia, in the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices).
Albert A. Harrison looks for lessons from history.
Christopher C. French considers explanations of UFO sightings, alien encounters and even abductions.

In recent years astronomers have discovered an ever-increasing number of earth-like planets, fuelling speculation that we may not be alone in the universe. Many members of the public are already...