January 2016

Alice Violett turns to late 19th- and early 20th-century psychologists for the origins of stereotypes around only children.
Jon Sutton reports from Psychology4Students 2015, held in Sheffield in November; and Ella Rhodes reports from the London event held in early December.
…a contributor on behalf of the British Psychological Society to the Royal College of Anaesthetists Core Standards for Pain Management Services.
Ella Rhodes reports from a first annual lecture by Learnus.
How can psychology influence policy? Ella Rhodes reports on a special issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science.
Ella Rhodes reports on a new research centre at Lancaster University.
A series of seminars funded by the British Psychological Society.
Ella Rhodes reports on our efforts to crowdsource practical ideas for an after-school psychology club for primary school children.
Peter Beaman on the life and times of a psychology technician.
James Russell reflects on nearly half a century of doing psychology.