'Psychology and politics needs you!'

Will you support the call for a Political Psychology Section within the British Psychological Society?

University of Salford psychologist Dr Ashley Weinberg is hoping to establish a new Political Psychology Section within the British Psychological Society, drawing on support from across a range of members’ interests. The section would aim to exchange ideas between members, foster research, host conferences and also share events with the UK’s Political Studies Association.

Weinberg said the aims of political psychology include exploring the psychological mechanisms underlying political values and identity as well as the real-world consequences of these. He said: ‘Political psychology is not just about those we recognise as “politicians”, but also about the politicians we don’t always recognise – all of us! We’re politicians in our daily lives, even from a young age, trying to influence others, communicate our ideas and pursue some form of agenda.’

He emphasised that the Section would not be focused solely on party politics but would have a larger, all-encompassing view of the area. ‘It’s about global politics, peace and conflict resolution, social movements and protests, as well as influencing policy and government. It’s about people on various levels, as psychology is uniquely placed to understand the link individuals share with their groups, organisations and communities. We know politics is about power and political psychology is about using that power to effect change for the better,’ he added.

In compliance with the British Psychological Society’s Rule 37(3), Weinberg must gather interest from at least 1 per cent of the Society membership in support before moving to the next stage of the process. To log your expression of interest go to http://tinyurl.com/jjx4kkb. If you have any queries please contact Ashley Weinberg on [email protected].

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