June 2016

A selection of letters from our June 2016 edition.
Caroline Limbert (Cardiff Metropolitan University) on the first overseas Health Psychology MSc to be accredited by the Society, and what the experience has done for her own career and that of the graduates.
Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists for evidence-based tips. Sponsored by Goldsmiths Institute of Management Studies.
Ian Florance meets Cordelia Galgut to discuss how diagnosis and treatment has affected her work as a counselling psychologist.
Edgar Jones explores how British people responded to air raids during the Second World War, and what this tells us about coping under extreme stress.
Matt Selman on improvisation and therapy, in the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information).
‘I pull on my trainers and go for a run’
Sarah E. Hill, Randi P. Proffitt Leyva and Danielle J. DelPriore take an evolutionary approach and uncover some surprising findings.
David Harper looks towards a psychosocial approach to public mental health.
Ryan Aguiar suggests that neuropsychology needs to think differently.