October 2016

Ian Florance talks with the Society’s Practitioner of the Year Jill Winegardner, about her journeys working in brain injury rehabilitation.
Helen Owen attempts to plot a route onto an applied doctorate.
Hollie Richardson on volunteering as an e-mail counsellor for ChildLine.
Words by Dr Victoria E. Galbraith; image by Jon Sutton.
Nancy Tucker on bulimia nervosa in the latest 'New voices', for budding writers (see thepsychologist.bps.org.uk/contribute for more information).
Sofia Deleniv considers the implications of genomic imprinting for social behaviour and mental health.
A conversation between Alice Farrington and her father, David P. Farrington.
Jon Sutton and Aidan Horner speak to the children of psychologists, and the psychologists themselves, about their parenting.
A selection from our blog.